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Kiambu Water & Sewerage Company Ltd (KWCL) was incorporated under the Companies Act (Cap. 486) and is an agent appointed by Kiambu County Government to ensure efficient and economical provision of water and sewerage services within Kiambu Sub-County. It is registered as a Limited Company by Shares. & has a Certificate of Incorporation No C. 112393.


Quality Service to All

The purpose for this charter is to enlighten all our employees and our esteemed customers on our services; their quality and availability. The intention is to ensure that customers are served as soon as possible.

  1. On new connections, the Customer care officer and other officers will always be available to guide every applicant on how to fill the form correctly and they will also register the completed forms.
  2. We shall carry out a survey of the customer premises to determine the requirements for the new connection within 48 hours after an application has been approved and the requisite fees paid.
  3. Our field staff will be available to inspect all plumbing works done by a customer from the water meter; before installing the new connection.
    Installation of a new connection will be effected within two days once the pipe laying is completed.
  4. The deposit refund shall be payable within three days after closing of account.


Kiambu Water News

Check our rates

It is important that you keep yourself updated with our meter rates to avoid inconveniences arising from water disconnection in the event that you have not paid your meter bill. e-billing news Please note that from the month of November, we shall not be printing the hard copy bills to our customers but instead we will be doing e-billing. You are therefore adviced to forward your phone numbers to our customer care office for the service.Read More

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Application Form for Water & Sewer

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Prequalification of Suppliers 2017-2018

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