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Or you can forward complaints, suggestions and compliments either in person, by post, telephone, fax or by e-mail through the address given here below:

Kiambu Water & Sewerage Company
Ministry of Water Offices,
P. O Box 409 - 00900 Kiambu

Telephone: 0202133977 / 0716452238


For Suggestions and Complaints

  1. A complaints / suggestion box will be maintained at the main office and receipt of any correspondence will be acknowledged within seven days.
  2. While complaints will be treated in confidence, complainants are encouraged to identify themselves to lend credence to their complaints.
  3. All complaints will be recorded in our occurrence book. This will comprise of the date the report was made, the zone and the action taken or to be taken and the officer who will be assigned for the same as will be appropriate.
  4. Depending on the nature of the complaint(s), necessary action will be taken immediately and in any case within 3 days.

Complaints may be made after official working hours, weekends and public holidays through the cell phone indicated above or through our field staff who are always on duty.

All telephone calls will be answered promptly and politely.